September 2021 Update: Boundary and Superbooth

Posted by Eric Schlappi on

We are in Berlin with Superbooth (booth W445) about to start and I am excited to announce the Boundary.

The Boundary is a cycling slew and four quadrant VCA with a host of capabilities including:

  • Two stage envelope (Attack/Decay or Attack/Release)
  • Modulation oscillator from low LFO rates (minutes) to high audio rate
  • Independent rise/fall shape or CV control with attenuators and inverting switches
  • Envelope following with dedicated full wave rectifier input
  • Bouncing ball effects and envelope modulation using the bound input
  • Voltage controlled clock or frequency division at audio rate
  • End of rise (EOR) output for gate/trigger delay usage
  • Ring mod effects
  • Output limiting for taming wild signals or introducing distortion

The Boundary is 12HP and retails for $219

They are now shipping to retailers and pre-sale is also available direct from the shop. Direct orders should start shipping by September 27th.