End of January 2023: Portland, AV jams and Three Body status

Posted by Eric Schlappi on

It is now 2023 and I have been back in Portland, Oregon, USA for a few weeks!

If you didn't know I had been living in France for about a year and a half now, joining my partner while she works on a degree and trying to run Schlappi Engineering from a distance (the office has remained in Vancouver, WA, across the river from Portland OR).

I will be in Portland until May, when we travel to Superbooth in Berlin and then stay in France again until September, after which we will be in Portland again for some undefined amount of time.

While I am here we will be doubling down on some R&D projects and also making some more Three Body. The PCB assemblies for the second run are due to arrive here sometime next month (February 2023), and should be shipping to retailers either that month or the next.

The size of that run has also been constrained by parts availability (so I would advise putting in an order when you see them available) but the supply chain crisis seems to be lessening a little bit, so we may be able to start another run this summer and keep them in stock after that.

In mostly unrelated news Bastien (of the Syntonie video modular system) and I have continued posting our audio visual jams from last fall in Grenoble on youtube. If you are interested in what we have been making check the embeds below.