June 2021 Update: Angle Grinders and France

Posted by Eric Schlappi on

Angle Grinders are in production and due to start shipping next week!

Also I am moving to France!

If you or any of your friends live in Grenoble drop me a line. I will be there for about two years with my spouse as part of her PhD program.

I am keeping the office in Portland, OR, (actually Vancouver, WA) and have some friends who will be handling production and shipping for me. I will remain the primary point of contact for dealers and service (for now) but most of my time will be spent on R&D.

We have a new analog module that should be ready to ship in July/August timeframe, details coming soon. The digital things we are working on will be delayed due to the global parts shortage but at least one new prototype will be at Superbooth in September with a good chance for an estimated shipping date.