November 2022: 2x Podular Modcast and current Three Body availability

Posted by Eric Schlappi on

At the end of September, when I was in Portland for the Three Body release we stopped by Tim's house and did an impromptu Three Body demo and general hangout and interview. This is a little different from any other interview I've done since I had a couple glasses of wine and Jay was there to either balance me out, or goad me on, depending on how you look at it.

Then a week or so later, after I had returned to France, Tim held a roundtable discussion with some Eurorack designers at the Waveform PDX synth meet and Jay joined in. There are some good tidbits in there and it's always good to hear Ross of Moffenzeef do his thing.

Current Three Body status: We are all sold out of our first run. A few dealers orders are still in the mail (Schneidersladen, Modular Square, Detroit Modular) and other may still have them in stock (Control Voltage, Perfect Circuit, Patchwerks, Control (Brooklyn), Technosynth, Midwest Modular, BPNYC, Nightlife Electronics, Found Sound, Thomann).

We are working on a second small run (limited by chip availability), current rough ETA is January 2023. Other re-stocks that should happen around (or just before) then are Interstellar Radios and Black Boundary. Our big back orders of FPGAs are currently due April 2023, at which point we should be able to keep the Three Body in stock regularly.