The Nibbler is now available to order (also new shirts and an EP)

Posted by Eric Schlappi on

Hello all!

The Nibbler is s a module about exploring the musicality of counting in binary. and it is now available for order on our website.

We have a video overview below

And our friend Stazma has one on his channel:

It is a CMOS based four bit accumulator (which means it counts from 0 to 15 in binary) with separate gate outputs for each of the bits, an output for the carry signal, and two stepped analog outputs made from adding the bits together. It also has inputs for each bit as well as a built in shift register.

It can be used to simultaneously create gates and modulation voltages based on and incoming clock or it can run at audio rate and generate subharmonics or various flavors of digital noise.

The Nibbler (an accumulator) is a fundamental digital logic/computing block and combined with other modules in a modular system is an excellent way to build a complex system or patch that is far more than the sum of its parts.

There is also a new long sleeve t-shirt

in the store with re-stocks of the we're here to party shirt.

The last item of semi-related news is that I released a digital single on the Errorgrid label last week and that I'm back in the USA (Portland, Oregon) for the foreseeable future and will hopefully be doing some demonstrations and playing some shows (and if you want me to do any of those things in your town let me know)