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BTMX (BitMix) gives hands on control over logic and rhythmic gate signals with a switch for every input and 4 different logic functions.

It is a 4 channel selectable logic function module, with each channel having two inputs. All channels share the same logic function and the gate outs are summed with binary weights to create a stepped voltage to generate melodic or modulation signals from the outputs.

It pairs well with the Nibbler, other 4 bit logic modules, or any modules that generates gates (such as clock dividers and sequencers) and can also be used at audio rates.

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  • 8 switched inputs
  • 4 dual input logic functions (AND, OR, ADD, XOR)
  • 4 gate outputs
  • 1 stepped output
  • LED indication for every input and output
  •  Works at LFO and audio rate
  •  8 HP
  • Current consumption: +12v 26mA, -12V 10mA