Three Body Limited Pre-order

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This is a limited, direct only, 1 unit per customer, pre-order, with units expected to ship in September.

We have already placed the order for the PCB assembly, with those parts due in our hands in August and shipping of fully built units to begin in September. Once we have filled the pre-order we will open up the next batch of units to our retail partners.

This is being handled differently than our previous modules because of the parts shortage. We have extremely limited numbers of the critical part, the FPGA, on hand and have ordered more but the lead times are over a year out.

To deal with this we are dividing the units we are able to get the parts for into batches, the first is this one. The second will be available to dealers immediately after we fulfill these orders, and the third is (Q1 2023?). This all may change, we are just trying to figure this out in as reasonable a manner as possible, and if we are able to get parts sooner then we will make them available as quickly as we can.

I have spent nearly four years working on this module and am extremely excited to share the results of this work with you.


The Three Body is a phase and frequency modulation toolkit, designed to bring digital techniques to an analog interface. It consists of three oscillators which can be used independently but which have normalized connections to facilitate exploration and improvisation.

 Download the quickstart guide here


  • Three separate high quality oscillators
  • Each oscillator has volts/octave input
  • Each oscillator has both a phase and a frequency modulation input
  • Each oscillator has a modulation index (VCA) cv input
  • Each oscillator has sine, triangle, saw, and square outputs (for a total of 16 outputs)
  • The center oscillator has two phase related output pairs for stereo usage (sine and cosine, saw and cosaw)
  • Each oscillator can independently be set in a free running or ratio mode
  • Each oscillator can have either exponential or linear through zero frequency modulation
  • Each oscillator can track external signals at a cv controllable frequency ratio
  • Frequency ratios can be cv controlled
  • Tracks volts per octave over at least 4 octaves of positive CV and 2 or 3 of negative CV.
  • Built around an FPGA core with high internal sample rate for audio rate modulation
  • 30HP
  • Skiff friendly 30mm depth
  • current consumption of 95mA on +12V (less than 200mA on startup) and 50mA on -12V