July 2022: Three Body Pre-order now open!

Posted by Eric Schlappi on

Hi! I am excited to announce (after nearly four years of development) the Three Body triple digital oscillator is now available for (pre) purchase.

We have already placed the order for the PCB assembly, with those parts due in our hands in August and shipping of fully built units to begin in September. Once we have filled the pre-order we will open up the next batch of units to our retail partners.

This is being handled differently than our previous modules because of the parts shortage. We have extremely limited numbers of the critical part, the FPGA, on hand and have ordered more but the lead times are over a year out.

To deal with this we are dividing the units we are able to get the parts for into batches, the first is this one. The second will be available to dealers immediately after we fulfill these orders, and we will figure out the rest as we go.

Check out the Three Body page to see videos (going live later today) and read more info.